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Energizer® Hard Case® Professional Rugged Headlight 325 Lumens (Includes 3 AAA Batteries)

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Energizer® Headlights

Comfortable, secure and durable, these headlamps are the perfect solution for any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

Energizer® Hard Case® Professional Rugged Headlight

Exceptionally durable construction for the most demanding jobs
Rugged polymer and durable over-mold maximize shock absorption
20 Year Design to Last based on typical consumer usage
Eight LED headlamp light modes:
High (Spot + Flood)
Low (Spot + Flood)
Spot Only – High
Spot Only – Low
Flood Only – High
Flood Only – Low
Spot Low + Flood High
Spot High + Flood Low
Greater stability with integrated top strap
Pivots to shine where needed
Non-slip head strap fits most industrial helmets
IPX4 water resistant for peace of mind in all weather conditions
Versatile light offers 8 modes to accomplish many tasks
Independent switches allow for precise operation of flood and spot modes
Excellent runtime
Operates on 3 AAA batteries (Includes 3 AAA Energizer MAX® batteries)

Specifications (High Spot-Flood /Low Spot-Flood Mode):
Light Output: 325 / 110 lumens
Run Time: 6.5 / 22 hours
Beam Distance: 100 / 50 meters
Impact Resistant: 7 meters
Water Resistant: IPX4

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