TS-1 Top Sheet Cutter

  • $14
  • Save $2

    • Auto-pressure control adjustment
    • Cut top layer while preserving material under cut
    • Cut up to 0.1mm
    • Blade storage in handle
    • Includes three (3) blades

    When Precision Depth Matters

    When you need to make a cut through thin materials without damaging substrate under the cut, choose the OLFA TS-1 Top Sheet Cutter to get the job done. This precision cutter allows you to set the blade in a 'MIN' to 'MAX' range with the automatic pressure control maintaining a precise depth throughout the cut.

    The rounded tip blade makes precision cuts while avoiding punctures to the materials below the cut. The Top Sheet Cutter comes with one blade preloaded in the knife for immediate use, plus two additional blades stored in the handle for convenience.

    Use this knife to trim the backing from waterproof membrane without damage to the membrane. Also works with cardstock, tape, shrink wrap, plastic sheeting, paper, film, and more when you only want to cut the first layer without harming the layers underneath.

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