HB-5B 25mm HB Silver Snap Blade - 5, 20 or 40 Pack

  • $8
  • Save $1

  • Premium Japanese carbon steel
  • Seven (7) segments per blade
  • Fits most 25mm snap knives
  • Available in packs of 5, 20, or 40


Professional Sharpness

For extra heavy-duty professional cutting, not any old blade will do. That is why tradespeople choose OLFA 25mm Silver Snap Blades for tough projects. Crafted from premium Japanese tool steel for unmatched edge retention and sharpness.

Each blade includes seven (7) snap-off segments providing volume cutting. Each segment sports a deep-notched groove for easy snapping. Once a segment dulls, a quick snap reveals a fresh, sharp edge. Cut, snap, work with ease.

These 1-inch-tall blades offer a universal fit and will work in most 25mm knives.

Available in packs of 5, 20, or 40. Each pack comes in a plastic storage case for convenience. 

(HB-5B, #5008)

(HB-20B, #9061)

(HB/CP40, #1126904)


 Cardboard/Corrugate Carpet
Cement board Drywall
Flexible plastics Gaskets
House wrap Landscape fabrics
Linoleum Plastic sheeting
Plastic straps Shingles
Shrinkwrap Tape
Twine/Rope And more

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