NCM-L 24" x 36" 3mm Double-Sided, Self-Healing Cutting Mat

  • $119
  • Save $21

Extend the life of your craft blades with the OLFA NCM-L 24" x 36" 3.0mm Green Cutting Mat. This sturdy 3.0 mm rotary mat protects your work surface and holds up under heavy use with art, rotary and utility knives. The self-healing surface maintains a smooth finish for easy and accurate cuts for all sewing and crafting projects. 

OLFA cutting mat is a double-sided mat that is solid green on one side for general cutting and features white grid lines on the other for more detailed cutting. 

  • For use only with rotary and fixed blades, such as art knives and utility blades
  • The self-healing mat has a long life, and extends the life of your rotary blades at the same time 

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