TCM-L 24" x 36" 3mm Translucent Double-Sided, Self-Healing Cutting Mat

  • $141
  • Save $25

  • Good for extending blade life and protecting cutting surfaces 
  • Triple-layer heat welding process helps extend mat life  
  • 3.0mm thick for a variety of applications 

You will find that the OLFA TCM-L 24" x 36" 3mm Translucent Cutting Mat is the perfect surface for cutting out your favorite projects. 

Whether you use it with art knives, specialty cutters, as a standard rotary mat, or with heavy or extra heavy OLFA cutters, it will do the job. The surface quickly heals from cuts and the three layers help give it a long life. Whether you are cutting boxes for reuse or working with other materials, the white gridlines help with your precision. For all other general cutting, the solid side works well, and protects your work surface with long-lasting care. 

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