180 9mm 180 Metal Precision Knife

  • $4
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      • Steel handle
      • Acetone resistant
      • Slim design for everyday carry
      • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
      • Tool-free blade change


      Multipurpose Precision

      A quality precision knife is useful in a variety of daily situations. It is easy to see why you can find the OLFA 9mm 180 Metal Precision Knife in the pocket of many tradespeople. The slim design of this steel frame snap knife makes efficient cuts in small spaces with ease. The auto-lock blade design delivers reliable cutting with one-touch control. The clip doubles as both a pocket clip and blade snapper

      This knife comes preloaded with a tough 9mm Silver Snap Blade. The blade offers (13) cutting segments for plenty of accurate and detailed cuts. When a segment dulls, a simple snap exposes a fresh cutting edge, allowing for a quick return to work. Blade changes are efficient and simple with no extra tools needed.

      Accepts all OLFA 9mm blades including ABB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades, A-SOL Silver Solid Blades, and AB-S Stainless-Steel Snap Blades.

      (180, #5001)

      Also available in a 36-piece bucket display for merchandising. (180-BT/36, #1066506)


       Cardboard/Corrugate Films
      Flexible plastics Paper
      Plastic sheeting Shrinkwrap
      Tape Twine
      Vinyl/Wraps Wallpaper
      And more

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