CTN-1 Snap-Off Carton Cutter

  • $4
  • Save $1

  • Pocket-sized
  • Six (6) blade edges
  • Easy, slide blade cover
  • For use with CTB-5 Blades

Compact, Convenient Cutting

The OLFA CTN-1 Snap-Off Carton Cutter is the ideal solution for opening boxes, packaging materials, tape, and more. This compact cutter has a streamlined body and easily fits your pocket, desk, toolbox, or kitchen drawer. Access to the razor-sharp snap blade is simple thanks to the easy slide-open, slide-closed activation.

This handy tool has convenient, replaceable blades. The knife comes preloaded with a tough CTB-5 Snap Blade. Each blade offers six (6) snappable blade segments for continuous cutting with fewer blade changes. When a segment is dull, simply snap for a new sharp edge.

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