E78005 PIXADAPT Accessory for mounting a PIXA or SWIFT RL PRO headlamp on a helmet

  • $20

Detailed description


  • Consists of just one element: adhesive backing allows the PIXADAPT to remain attached, while the headlamp is easily removed.
  • Allows the user to easily mount a PIXA or SWIFT RL PRO headlamp on a helmet:
    - compatible with PIXA 1, 2, 3, 3R, Z1 and SWIFT RL PRO headlamps
    - maintains the option of adjusting the tilt of the headlamp
    - compatible with Petzl helmets with or without eye shield For other helmets, verify compatibility with the helmet manufacturer.


  • Weight: 20 g


References E78005
Guarantee 3 years
Packing 1

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