ES-1/P 9mm Basic Precision Knife from Recycled Materials

  • $7
  • Save $1

  • Handle made from recycled materials
  • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
  • Auto-lock
  • Tool-free blade change

Comfortable Utility Knife Made for Precision Cutting

The OLFA ES-1 Basic Precision Utility Knife combines precision cutting with ecologic responsibility. The 100% recycled materials handle features a curved grip for comfort. The one-touch auto-lock blade slide provides control and blade depth maneuverability.

Preloaded with a durable AB Silver Snap Blade for use out of the package. With (13) cutting sections per blade, you will never be without a sharp edge. When the section gets dull, snap for a fresh edge, and return to work.

Fits all OLFA 9mm blades including A-SOL Silver Solid Blades, AB-S Stainless-Steel Snap Blades, and ABB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades.


 Cardboard/Corrugate Films
Flexible plastics Paper
Plastic sheeting Shrinkwrap
Tape Twine
Vinyl/Wraps Wallpaper
And more

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