FCM-17x24 17" x 24" Folding Cutting Mat

  • $99
  • Save $17

Quilting Precision You Can Count On

The OLFA FCM-17x24 17" x 24" Folding Cutting Mat is the mat you need for all sewing projects that require cutting. Thanks to its durability and ease of use, this is the portable and dependable cutting mat you need at home or away. 

  • The folding cutting rotary mat is especially designed for use with OLFA rotary cutters. 
  • When grid lines on one side for precision cutting. 
  • Not only does this OLFA cutting mat have a long life, it extends the life of your knife blades, too. 
  • Designed for heavy-duty cutting, the mat can be used with OLFA utility and art knives, as well as rotary and special cutters. 
  • Cutting mat folds in half for convenient folding for travel size or storage 
  • Good for classes, sewing conferences, and other travel opportunities. 

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