H-1 25mm Extra Heavy-Duty Classic Rubber Grip Utility Knife

  • $17
  • Save $3

  • Anti-slip rubber insert
  • Durable ABS handle
  • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
  • Stainless-steel support channel
  • Tool-free blade change


Extra Heavy-Duty Cutting Power

Designed to perform, the OLFA 25mm H-1 Extra Heavy-Duty Classic Rubber Grip Utility Knife is up to the task. The robust ABS plastic handle offers added leverage. The stainless-steel blade channel supports the blade for a cutter made to last.

Working in damp or humid conditions? The anti-slip rubber insert in the handle ensures grip and adds comfort. Use the ratchet-lock blade actuator to adjust the blade to any cutting depth needed.

Preloaded with a tough HB Extra Heavy-Duty Silver Snap Blade for use out of the package. Each blade offers seven segments for volume cutting with a quick snap of the blade. No extra tools are ever needed to keep your blade sharp. To change the blade, loosen the ratchet-wheel and slide the blade from the back of the tool. Insert a fresh blade, tighten, and return to work.

Choose the H-1 Extra Heavy-Duty Classic Rubber-Grip Utility Knife to provide extra leverage on demanding jobs.

Accepts all OLFA 25mm blades including HBB Ultra-Black Snap Blades, HH Hook Snap Blades, and HSW Saw Blade.

(H-1, #5006)


Cardboard / Corrugated Carpet
Cement board Drywall
Flexible plastics Gaskets
House wrap Landscape fabrics
Linoleum Plastic sheeting
plastic straps Shingles
Shrink wrap Tape
Twine / rope And more

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