HH-12B 25mm Hook Snap Blades - 3 Pack

  • $16
  • Save $3

  • Hooked shape protects surface under cut
  • Premium carbon tool steel
  • Four (4) sections per blade
  • Fits with most 25mm snap knives


Protect Under the Cut

When you need to protect your cutting surface or the material beneath your cut, choose OLFA 25mm HH-12B Hook Snap Blades. The curved cutting edge guards against accidental damage. Use the blade’s hooked shape to pull through materials, rather than relying on downward force.

Each of these 25mm blades contains snappable four (4) segments. A simple snap reveals a new working edge. Manufactured from premium carbon tool steel for durability and sharpness.

Designed to fit most 25mm handles. Contains (3) blades in a plastic case for convenient storage and portability. 

Also available in 18mm size.

(HH-12B, #1124930)


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Nylon Plastic sheeting
Plastic straps Shingles
Shrinkwrap Tape
Turf Twine/Rope
And more

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