LFB-10B 18mm Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blade, 10-Pack

  • $10
  • Save $2

  • Coated to minimize resistance
  • Up to 25% sharper than standard blades
  • Premium Japanese tool steel
  • Eight (8) segments per blade
  • Fits most 18mm snap knives


Increase the Speed of Your Cuts with Non-Stick Blades

Cut sharper and faster when you choose OLFA 18mm Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades. These blades help you tackle any cutting project with sharpness and speed. Crafted from premium Japanese carbon tool steel for durability. These dual-honed black blades are 25% sharper than standard silver blades. A special non-stick coating reduces resistance. This creates an ultra-sharp blade with up to two times faster cutting. Great for dense materials such as foam insulation board, ceiling tile, cardboard, and more.

Each blade includes eight (8) snap-off segments for volume cutting. Each scored section snaps with ease to reveal a new edge. Cut sharp, fast, and efficient with OLFA Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades.

The universal design of this blade allows for use in most 18mm knives.

Pack of (10) blades in a plastic storage case for convenient carrying.

(LFB-10B, #1120896)


 Carpet Cardboard/Corrugate
Foamboard House wrap
Insulation Laminates
Linoleum Plastic sheeting
Plastic straps Shrinkwrap
Tape Turf
Twine/Rope  And more

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