MBT-1 ZTS Multi-Battery Tester

MBT-1 ZTS Multi-Battery Tester

  • $122
  • Save $28

Key Features
  • Tests More than 40 Battery Types
  • Measures Battery Performance Under Load
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • High-Accuracy Pulse Load Test

The MBT-1 Multi Battery Tester from ZTS provides you with a quick and efficient way to test over 40 types of batteries including NiMH, Li-Ion, alkaline, lithium, coin cell, button type and more. Without having to throw switches or push buttons, you simply place your battery on the appropriate space on the tester.  Then, by touching the battery with the included probe, the machine's microprocessor shows you the percentage of remaining capacity on the LED display bar.

The battery contacts are labeled so you always know where to place your battery.  When not in use, the tester's probe stores in the side seam of the tester. The unit is surrounded by a rubber sleeve that is easy to grip and also protects it from incidental contact. The tester runs on four "AA" batteries (sold separately).

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