OL 18mm Extended Depth Utility Knife with Carpet Tuck Tool

  • $14
  • Save $3

  • Up to 1-1/2 inches of supported cutting
  • Metal multi-purpose pick
  • Durable ABS handle
  • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
  • Tool-free blade change


More Blade Exposure for Greater Depth

The OLFA 18mm OL Extended-Depth Utility Knife is perfect for cutting thick materials. The extended stainless-steel channel design allows for extra blade exposure. Gain up to 1-1/2 inches of working blade edge with this heavy-duty knife. The sturdy ratchet-lock mechanism secures the blade to cut with confidence.

The ABS plastic frame withstands drops and abuse for durability. The anti-slip inset adds comfort and handling stability. The included multi-purpose metal pick tackles tasks like staples or tucking carpet edges.

A premium 18mm LB Silver Snap Blade is pre-loaded in this utility knife for heavy-duty cutting. Eight (8) edges per blade provide high volume cutting with fewer blade changes. When it is time for a new blade, an easy, tool-free blade change gets you back to the job with a simple snap.

Accepts all OLFA 18mm blades including L-SOL Solid Silver Blades, LWB Serrated Edge Blades, LBB Ultra-Sharp Black Blades, and LFB Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades.

(OL , #5011)


Carpet Cardboard/Corrugate
Drywall Films
Flexible plastics Foamboard
Gaskets House wrap
Landscape fabrics Linoleum
Plastic sheeting Plastic straps
Shingles Shrinkwrap
Tape Twine/Rope
And more

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