PL-1 18mm Pro-Load Multi-Blade Utility Knife with Auto-Load

  • $25
  • Save $5

  • Auto-load blade system
  • Stores up to five (5) blades
  • Durable fiberglass-reinforced handle
  • Tough, Silver Snap Blade
  • Tool-free blade change


Auto Blade Load for Continuous Cutting

Change your blade in seconds with the revolutionary OLFA 18mm PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto-Load Utility Knife. The brilliant design stores up to five replacement blades in the auto-load cartridge. This offers a total of 40 fresh edges at your fingertips, with no extra tools needed for blade changes. A stainless-steel channel supports the length of the blade for confident cutting.

Three (3) tough LB Silver Snap blades come preloaded in the handle for use straight out of the package. Each blade has eight (8) deep score lines to deliver a fresh blade tip with a snap. When you need a new, full blade, a simple push of the blade slide forward ejects the used blade. Pull the slide completely back to load a fresh blade.

Use the PL-1 Multi-Blade Auto-Load Utility Knife for volume cutting with fewer blade changes.

Accepts most OLFA 18mm blades including L-SOL Solid Silver Blades, LWB Serrated Edge Blades, LBB Ultra-Sharp Black Blades, and LFB Ultra-Sharp Black Speed Blades.

(PL-1, #5021)


Carpet Cardboard/Corrugate
Drywall Films
Flexible plastics Gaskets
House wrap Landscape fabrics
Linoleum Plastic sheeting
Plastic straps Shingles
Shrinkwrap Tape
Twine/Rope And more

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