QR-9S 9 1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler

QR-9S 9 1/2" Square Frosted Acrylic Ruler

  • $31
  • Save $5

  • The OLFA QR-9S 9 1/2" Square Frosted Advantage™ Acrylic Ruler is non-slip, which makes it the perfect ruler for quilting or fabric projects. 
  • Its grid measurements are also ideal for measuring paper, making this the only craft ruler you need. 
  • The larger, square size means that this ruler is useful for nearly any purpose. 
  • Frosted, clear look ensures that you can see through to existing lines on your work. 

Never Miss the Mark with This Craft Ruler 

Whether you're an avid scrapbook creator or an amateur sewer or quilter, your latest project can be even easier to finish with one of OLFA's Frosted Advantage™ acrylic rulers. See right through to the marks you've made on your work to know exactly where you need to cut. This ruler is just the thing for careful crafters who require precision. 

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