RM-6x8/NBL 6" x 8" Green Double-Sided, Self-Healing Rotary Mat

  • $6
  • Save $1

  • Good for extending blade life and protecting cutting surfaces 
  • Convenient travel size 
  • Mat self-heals with every cut for a smooth cutting surface 

The OLFA 6"x 8" Double-Sided Rotary Mat not only protects your cutting surfaces; it impressively extends your blade life.  

A triple-layer heat welding process is used to create these rotary mats to increase mat life. This cutting mat is also self-healing, resealing surface cuts for a perpetually smooth surface. The 1.5mm-thick double-sided OLFA rotary mat offers different cutting options. The solid side can be used for general cutting, while the grid-lined side can be used for precision cuts. The 6-inch by 8-inch size is perfect for cutting tiny pieces and allows for easy transport. 

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