SK-14 Semi-Automatic Stainless Steel Self-Retracting Safety Knife

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  1. Spring-activated blade retracts when lifted from the cutting surface
  2. 100% Stainless-Steel design is easy to clean and sanitize
  3. Flush vents allow for through cleaning
  4. FULLY metal detectable - blade and components
  5. Rounded tip eliminates punctures and risk of contamination from broken tips
  6. Flip blade for right- or left-handed preference


NSF Certified with All-Metal Design 

The OLFA SK-14 Semi-Automatic Stainless-Steel Self-Retracting Safety Knife is a must have in food processing locations. This NSF Certified knife is designed to meet the needs of food processing environments. The knife is fully metal detectable from handle to blade to ensure easy retrieval. The 100% stainless steel design is paint-free to avoid flaking and contamination. 

The spring activated blade automatically retracts with the release of the blade slide. The powerful stainless-steel spring maintains blade tension to cut with confidence. Flush vents coupled with a simple design make this knife easy to clean and sanitize. The vents also add texture to the grip making it slip resistant and comfortable in hand. Can be easily stored or tethered with the convenient lanyard hole.

Pre-loaded with a premium Stainless-Steel Rounded-Tip Dual-Edge Safety Blade with unmatched sharpness and edge retention. The rounded tip eliminates punctures and reduces the risk of contamination from broken tips. A simple flip of the blade allows for either right-handed or left-handed user preference. Blade changes are tool-free and efficient.

Also accepts OLFA Safety Blades: Stainless-Steel Dual Edge Safety Blade

Cutting Depth: 0.56” / 14.5mm

For use with: 

 Bagged goods Up to 3-ply corrugated
Films Foam / Polystyrene
Layers of foil / paper Pallet / Shrink-wrap
Tape And more



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