SVR-1 9mm Stainless Steel Slide-Lock Knife

  • $10
  • Save $2

    • Stainless-steel handle
    • Corrosion resistant
    • Durable, Stainless-Steel Snap Blade
    • Pocket clip / blade snapper
    • Tool-free blade change


    The Choice for Maneuverability and Easy Cutting

    Choose the OLFA 9mm SVR-1 Stainless Steel Slide-Lock Knife for maneuverability and control. The flexible slide-activation allows for easy blade depth changes while cutting. The stainless-steel body keeps the snap blade steady for a safe, precise cut. This stainless-steel snap knife resists rust and corrosion for use in any setting. The pocket clip features a small slit for use in snapping the blade.

    This knife comes pre-loaded with a 9mm AB-S Stainless Steel Snap-Off Blade for instant use. Thirteen (13) snap segments per blade deliver continuous cutting with fewer blade changes. A quick snap of the dull segment reveals a fresh cutting edge. Full blade changes are effortless with no extra tools required. Remove the clip and slide the used blade out of the back of the cutter. Insert the new blade and return to work.

    Accepts all OLFA 9mm blades including AB Silver Snap Blades, A-SOL Silver Solid Blades, and ABB Ultra-Sharp Black Snap Blades.

    (SVR-1, #5018)


     Cardboard/Corrugate Films
    Flexible plastics Paper
    Plastic sheeting Shrinkwrap
    Tape Vinyl/Wraps
    Wallpaper And more

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