XSR-200 8" Extra Heavy-Duty Scraper

  • $42
  • Save $7

  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Durable steel strike plate
  • Tool-free blade change
  • Dual-edge scraper blade
  • Blade cover included


Optimize Your Scraping Power

Choose this extra heavy-duty scraper to take on your most grueling removal jobs. Constructed with premium materials, the OLFA XSR-200 8" Extra Heavy-Duty Scraper packs power in a compact frame. Durable carbon tool steel blades provide unmatched scraping power. Use this scraper on a wide range of jobs, from delicate removal to intense demolition. Tackle paint, adhesive, grout, epoxy, roofing materials, and more.

The non-slip rubber grip allows great stability and comfort for any removal task. The heavy-duty built-in steel strike tip delivers optimal striking power for stubborn materials.

Changing blades is safe and simple. The thumb-screw lock and pressure-sensitive blade jaw maintain blade position. Loosen the screw and press the jaw release to remove the blade. After installing a new blade, tighten the screw and return to work.

This heavy-duty scraper is pre-loaded with a 4-inch-wide (100mm) carbon tool steel Dual-Edge Scraper Blade (BS, #1086566). One edge is sharp for fine scraping. The other is blunt for demolition and removals. The included clip-on blade cover offers safety and protection while in storage.

Also available in 12-inch and 24-inch lengths to tackle any project.

Accepts BS08 Thick Scraper Blades and BSF Flexible Dual-Edge Scraper Blades, sold separately.

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